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About Grow By U

We are proud to present Grow By U, a platform that offers a larger audience of passionate and knowledgeable educators the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise through webinars, workshops, courses, sessions, concerts, and other events to empower individuals.

Our aim is to help individuals discover their own path to growth and self-discovery in a wide range of fields, such as spirituality, personal development, growth, and many more.

Life may bring you many twists and turns, but with faith and hope, the journey becomes a beautiful melody. 

The team

Johan Grundin

Company Creator

Johan Grundin is a successful and passionate entrepreneur who has been helping individuals and companies achieve their goals for over 20 years. He is also a personal development enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Johan’s experiences in success, failures, and struggles have made him a humble and respected mentor and coach. 

His energy and positive attitude are contagious and inspiring. He has a genuine desire to help people create positive change in their lives and in the world around them. He want to help people discover their inner potential and live life to the fullest. He believes that true success comes from finding inner peace and happiness. 

Shekina Stephanie Anne

Company Space holder & teacher

We are absolutely ecstatic to introduce our very first Company Space Holder and Teacher on the platform. Shekina who is committed to supporting your soulful self-growth and helping you open your potential for a life of joy and freedom in your body. 

Shekina works with Trauma Integration Therapeutics, guiding group events and private Somatic Experiencing sessions, and Somatic Breathwork sessions. Her work is in support of soulful self-growth through working with the language of your unique body and nervous system to cultivate self-understanding, self-expression, emotional empowerment, and soul-nourishing intimacy within and with others. 

Ebba Gyalog

Company Space holder & teacher

We are absolutely ecstatic to introduce our second company space holder and teacher on the platform! Ebba is a space holder, a storyteller, a free spirit with a deep love for exploring both the outer and inner worlds. 

With her passion for exploration, she supports people in their journey to discover their true self and how to live their soul’s purpose. Ebbas soulful holistic work spans from yoga, meditation, sound healing and dance therapy, to astrology, purpose coaching and deeper healing ceremonies. 

Join our team

Are you a teacher?

Who walks the talk?

We want to provide a platform for experienced and reputable teachers, who walk the talk, to offer webinars, courses, sessions, and events, mainly online but also physical events. 

We do not only support established teachers but also strive to provide opportunities for new and emerging educators who embody the principles they teach.

Feel the callingReach out to us connect@growbyu.com