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Community Classes

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Time for adjustments

 Our offer is like a river, constantly flowing and changing. While our weekly classes didn’t turn out as we initially thought, we’ve decided to pause them for now. However, fear not, as we have other ways to share our knowledge and spread positivity!

Like a lotus flower, we are still blooming and growing in our efforts to support the community effectively. While we work on this, we welcome you to join our free membership and be a part of our journey.

As we shift our focus like a compass pointing north, we have decided to prioritize webinars for now. We hope that these teachings will bring you countless benefits and valuable insights.

From spiritual teachings to personal growth strategies, we have a range of topics to explore together. So stay tuned, keep an open heart and mind, and join us on this journey of learning and transformation through our webinars.

Join us and let's love and laugh our way to enlightenment!