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Webinar Replay with Talib & Shubhaa Fisher

Conscious Conflict Resolution: Transforming Arguments into Opportunities for Growth

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an argument, feeling frustrated, hurt, and disconnected from your partner or loved ones?

What if we told you that these conflicts hold the key to unlocking deeper understanding, compassion, and growth within your relationships? It’s time to shift your perspective and learn how to transform arguments into opportunities for personal and relationship growth. 

Join Talib and Shubhaa, relationship and emotional intelligence experts, in this eye-opening webinar, where they reveal effective strategies for approaching conflict in a mindful and compassionate way. 

These valuable skills are beneficial for everyone, regardless of their relationship status. Moreover, you can apply these techniques to all your relationships, including those with family, friends, colleagues, and romantic partners, fostering deeper connections and more effective communication in every aspect of your life.

Welcome to this amazing webinar replay that was recorded on May 17, 2023.

  • The importance of understanding the root causes of conflict: Explore the underlying reasons for arguments, such as unmet needs, unresolved past issues, and communication breakdowns. By identifying the true source of conflict, you can address it more effectively and prevent similar issues from recurring.

  • Developing emotional intelligence:
    Learn to recognize and manage your emotions during conflicts, allowing you to approach disagreements with greater self-awareness and empathy. Emotional intelligence is essential for navigating conflicts constructively and fostering deeper connections.

  • Mindful communication techniques:
    Discover the power of active listening, expressing yourself clearly, and using nonviolent communication methods. These tools can help you better understand each other’s perspectives and find common ground, ultimately resolving conflicts more effectively

  • The art of repair: Understand the importance of repairing the relationship after a conflict and learn strategies for reconnecting with your partner or loved ones. This includes apologizing, forgiving, and finding ways to rebuild trust and emotional safety.

  • Transforming conflict into growth: Uncover how to use conflicts as catalysts for personal and relationship growth, turning challenges into opportunities for deeper understanding and connection.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of conflict in relationships.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence to better navigate disagreements and foster stronger connections.
  • Master mindful communication techniques that promote mutual understanding and effective conflict resolution.
  • Learn the art of repairing relationships after conflicts, rebuilding trust, and fostering emotional safety.
  • Discover how to transform conflicts into opportunities for personal and relationship growth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to forever change the way you approach conflicts in all your relationships. 

With the guidance of Talib and Shubhaa, you will gain the tools and insights needed to transform arguments into opportunities for growth, ultimately strengthening and enriching your connections. 

Sign up for the Conscious Conflict Resolution webinar today and experience the benefits of mindful, compassionate conflict resolution.


After participating in our Conscious Conflict Resolution webinar, we are excited to offer you an exclusive bonus: a 10-day exercise that will be sent directly to your inbox! This exercise is designed to reinforce the skills and insights you’ve gained during the webinar, helping you integrate these transformative conflict resolution techniques into your daily life.

The best part? You can complete this 10-day exercise as many times as you’d like. Whether you want to refresh your memory, build upon your newly acquired skills, or simply maintain your progress in transforming conflicts into opportunities for growth, this exercise is a valuable resource that you can revisit over and over again.

By consistently practicing the strategies and tools you’ve learned, you’ll continue to strengthen your emotional intelligence, enhance your communication skills, and foster deeper connections in your relationships.


DATE May 17, 2023
PRICE 20€ 
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Talib & Shubhaa are passionate educators and facilitators dedicated to empowering individuals in their personal and relational growth. With a strong focus on emotional intelligence and conscious communication, they have helped countless people transform their relationships and lives.


Talib, driven by curiosity and a desire to understand life’s mysteries, employs his skills as a facilitator to explore essential questions about the human experience. He strives to integrate the meaning and purpose of life into his daily interactions, fostering authentic connections as a husband, father, and colleague. Talib is committed to bringing warmth, humanity, and friendliness to all those he encounters.


Shubhaa, fueled by her passion for living life to the fullest, cherishes the gift of time and the opportunity it brings to foster deeper connections with ourselves and others. She enjoys engaging in genuine conversations with friends, creating moments that nourish her soul. Gratitude is at the heart of her practice, allowing her to connect with the wisdom and wonder of life itself.

Together, Talib & Shubhaa embody the teachings they share, exploring the challenges and joys of family life, intimate relationships, and personal growth. As therapists specializing in optimizing intimate and business relationships, they bring their professional expertise and a personal touch to their work, ensuring a safe, warm, and gentle environment for those they serve.

Their offerings cater to a diverse audience, including intimate partners, parents, leaders, and executives, providing tools and insights to develop the skills necessary for successful, resilient, and loving relationships. Through webinars, retreats, online courses, consultations, and more, Talib & Shubhaa continue to impact the lives of many, inspiring them to embrace their true potential and live life fully.

Read more about Talib & Shuhaa on their homepage www.talibshubhaa.com and follow them on Social media www.facebook.com/talibshubhaa and www.instagram.com/talibshubhaa for more inspiration.