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Hey there, I’m Johan

Hey there, I’m Johan, and I feel it’s the right moment to open up to you about the personal experiences that inspired me to create Grow By U, a personal development platform and a conscious community focused on assisting people in healing and growing through the wisdom of genuine, down-to-earth teachers.

Over the past 12 years, I have been on an incredible personal journey that has intensely transformed my life. I’ve understood the life-changing power of finding the right community, teachers, friends, and mentors.

My life, like many others, has been filled with different challenges and, at times, a sense of being lost in the world. Among many experiences, it made me realize that countless others seek the same kind of support and guidance on their unique paths to growth.

However, I’ve also had a front-row seat to the darker side of the spiritual industry, witnessing insincere gurus causing more harm than good. I’ve seen teachers who fail to practice what they preach and even take advantage of their students. This disheartening reality has been all too common.

Driven by these experiences and my knowledge of marketing and building platforms, as well as having encountered numerous exceptional teachers over the years, I felt an urgent need to create a community offering access to authentic, experienced teachers who genuinely live by the principles they share and lead with integrity.

With this I also realized that personal growth opportunities tend to be concentrated in larger cities and can be prohibitively expensive. I passionately believe that everyone deserves the tools necessary for personal growth and empowerment, regardless of their geographic location or financial situation.

That’s why I’m dedicated to providing a wide range of personal development opportunities, including webinars, workshops, and courses, with a mix of online and in-person education. My goal is to ensure that even those with limited financial means can access foundational teachings and grow.

Throughout my life, I’ve always been in roles to empower others, and I’m unwavering in my commitment to positively impacting the world, even when faced with unexpected twists and turns. In line with this vision, my core values include being your own guru, walking the talk, honesty, kindness, not overpromising, giving back, and staying true to oneself.

If my beliefs resonate with you, I warmly invite you to join us on this mission to cultivate a world abundant in consciousness, mindfulness, and personal growth. A lot of excellent teachers will become part of this magical creation I want to share with you.

I believe in a supportive community’s power to create lasting change and foster a more compassionate and understanding world.

With heartfelt love and gratitude,

Johan Grundin – johan@growbyu.com

Feel free to reach out if there are any questions or inquiries.