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WORKSHOP with Dr. Maria Pedraz, PHD

Pathways to Self - Discover the best version of yourself

This Experiential Workshops are based on creating a safe environment, rooted in personal and spiritual development, where we will heal ourselves and unlock energy from our past experiences. This energy is going to be available for achieve our life goals.

We will work through the healing of transgenerational memories and the expression of blocked energy through Breath Techniques, Movement Therapy and Self Expression, facilitating our healthy development in all areas of our body, all areas of our life.

This workshop is recommended for each one interested in Self- actualization process and real introspective processes. It is also a great opportunity if you are suffering from stress, anxiety, interpersonal relationship problems, or mild depression. All these life situation are key opportunities for personal development and grow in real experiences in life.

Our main goal is to explore new areas of ourselves to create other ways of be, in our daily life, our personal relationships, our place in the world, be a fractal of the change. The first step is our life, our routines and personal relationships.

It is not easy create something new, when we are attached to our old patterns, repetitive ideas, behaviours, we need a taste of how we can be, and them take care of this seed. Transform our energy, and where we put our focus. It is an interesting journey. “Energy is never created or destroyed, it’s transformed”. We will be using our inner strength to push ourselves forward. Are you ready ?

Just a taste of another way of state of mind, body and Self.

Sincerely, Dr. Maria Pedraz

Looking forward to connecting!

Hosted by Dr. Maria Pedraz, a licensed Psychologist Expert and PhD in Psychoneuroinmunology with deep expertise in Ancestral Medicine and over 15 years of experience in therapeutic processes.


Date and Time:
Sunday, 19th May – 16:00 – 19.00 CET
1. Outside Marbella, La Cala de Mijas, Spain
2. Also Available: Online Live Session
Fee: 20€

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May 19 - New
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