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Relationships are something that I believe you always need to work on in one way or the other.

The longer we’re together, the easier it becomes to overlook the essential elements that bind us – appreciation, trust, and affection. A healthy relationship is a garden that needs constant nurturing. You can’t neglect your partner, and it’s crucial to remember to express your appreciation and trust. Display love and affection, both in words and actions, for these are the lifeblood of a flourishing relationship.

Like everything else, this requires a certain amount of discipline and consistency. We sometimes need to establish a routine (even if it sounds boring). When we repeat these actions, they eventually become a natural part of our lives.

Did you know that some say that 70-90% of all arguments come from misunderstandings? I’m not sure if it’s true, but from experience, it’s easy to see how both parties can sometimes believe that the other one is a mind reader and should instinctively understand their thoughts.

So clear communication is another cornerstone of a thriving relationship. This sharing exercise I want to share with you is a helpful tool to establish these routines, enhance communication, and avoid misunderstandings.

Building strong and healthy relationships is a passion that I deeply cherish.  I hope these practices can help you on your journey toward that goal.

Much Love from me, Johan Grundin.

Weekly Appreciation and Connection Exercise

Here is a free Weekly Appreciation and Connection Exercise for you. 

This exercise is designed to foster deeper understanding, appreciation, and connection between you and your partner. Performing this exercise once a week can have profound effects on your relationship.

Materials Needed: A quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed.
Two pieces of paper and pens.

Instructions: Choose a quiet and comfortable space: This could be anywhere you both feel relaxed and safe – your living room, bedroom, or even outdoors if the weather is good. The key is to find a space that is free from distractions.

Set a timer: This exercise consists of two parts, and each part will take about 15 minutes. So, set a timer for 15 minutes.

Part One – Expressing Appreciation: Person A will begin. Person A should express appreciation for Person B, stating specific behaviors, qualities, or moments they appreciate about them. Try to be as specific as possible to make it more personal and meaningful.

Person B should listen attentively, without interruption. After Person A is done, Person B will have their turn to express appreciation. Remember, the key here is to listen deeply when it’s your turn to listen and express sincerely when it’s your turn to talk.

Break: Take a short break after the first part, about 5 minutes to digest what was said and to prepare for the second part.

Part Two – Sharing and Understanding: In this part, each person will share one thing they felt during the week. It could be a personal achievement, a concern, a dream, a goal, etc. The important part is to share something meaningful to you.

The other person’s role is to listen attentively, ask questions for clarification if needed, but avoid offering solutions unless asked. The goal is to understand and validate the other person’s experience.

Write it down: After you both have shared, take a moment to write down the key points you heard from your partner. This step reinforces that you have heard and understood them.

Wrap up the exercise: You might want to finish the exercise with a hug or by expressing gratitude for each other’s openness and honesty.

Remember, this exercise is not about problem-solving or decision-making. It’s about understanding, connecting, and appreciating each other. Be kind, patient, and supportive. If any conflicts arise during the exercise, agree to address them later outside of the exercise. The goal here is to foster connection, not to resolve issues.

Enjoy this time together and watch your connection deepen week by week!

With a lot of love from me and the team 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at  connect@growbyu.com