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We have another two passionate educators and facilitators on the Grow By U platform, dedicated to empowering individuals in their personal and relational growth.

Talib & Shubhaa are two of my favorite teachers who I’ve had the amazing chance to travel with around the world 🌍 in different roles: as a student, assistant, friend, and colleague.

These amazing people have not only been a big part of my personal growth journey, but they’ve also inspired many others with their wisdom, kindness, and dedication to helping people change their lives. With their special and powerful teachings, they have left a lasting impact on everyone who has had the chance to learn from them.

Talib & Shubhaa are passionate educators and facilitators dedicated to empowering individuals in their personal and relational growth. With a strong focus on emotional intelligence and conscious communication, they have helped countless people transform their relationships and lives.


Talib, driven by curiosity and a desire to understand life’s mysteries, employs his skills as a facilitator to explore essential questions about the human experience. He strives to integrate the meaning and purpose of life into his daily interactions, fostering authentic connections as a husband, father, and colleague. Talib is committed to bringing warmth, humanity, and friendliness to all those he encounters.

Shubhaa, fueled by her passion for living life to the fullest, cherishes the gift of time and the opportunity it brings to foster deeper connections with ourselves and others. She enjoys engaging in genuine conversations with friends, creating moments that nourish her soul. Gratitude is at the heart of her practice, allowing her to connect with the wisdom and wonder of life itself.

Together, Talib & Shubhaa embody the teachings they share, exploring the challenges and joys of family life, intimate relationships, and personal growth. As therapists specializing in optimizing intimate and business relationships, they bring their professional expertise and a personal touch to their work, ensuring a safe, warm, and gentle environment for those they serve.

Their offerings cater to a diverse audience, including intimate partners, parents, leaders, and executives, providing tools and insights to develop the skills necessary for successful, resilient, and loving relationships. Through webinars, retreats, online courses, consultations, and more, Talib & Shubhaa continue to impact the lives of many, inspiring them to embrace their true potential and live life fully.

Read more about Talib & Shuhaa on their homepage www.talibshubhaa.com and follow them on Social media www.facebook.com/talibshubhaa and www.instagram.com/talibshubhaa for more inspiration.

I’m so excited to have them join our team of great educators at Grow By U, where they will definitely keep inspiring and helping even more people looking for growth and change.